jay z ,swizz beats

Jay-Z Buys Basquiat Painting On A Mercedes-Benz Hood Done By Swizz Beatz

jay z ,swizz beats
Mega HipHop producer, vintage BMX collector and illustrator Swizz Beatz sold one of his illustrations of  the late, great Jean-Michel Basquiat painted on a Mercedes-Benz hood to Jay-Z!! Swizzy posted the pic above on Instagram yesterday ansd said this:

“Look who purchased my Basquiat on Benz Hood 2day… what a honor and Blessing I’m so grateful for the support! July 4 its Showtime…ART LIFE!!! I will use proceeds to continue helping kids in need,”

Now a few thoughts ran through my head when I saw this like “I never knew Swizzy was nice with the paint brush!”, “Was that the hood of a new Benz or just a Benz hood from the junk yard?” “Will Jay be replacing the hood off one of his Benz’s and putting the Basquiat hood on it?” “Will Swizz Beatz have a booth setup with his art at this years NY Comic Con?” Either way It’s always cool to see HipHop and art connect! 🙂

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