matty's rocket

Matty’s Rocket (@mattysrocket) Web Comic And Animated Series

Tim Fielder creator of animated series Matty’s Rocket had a booth setup at the Bronx Heroes Comic Con to promote his series and I got a chance to get a drop from him about it. Check out the official description of Matty’s Rocket below:

Matty’s Rocket is a galaxy spanning tale about the adventures of space pilot Matty Watty. This webcomic series is based in an alternative past where the pulp stylings of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis collide with the real world events of World War 2, FDR, Nazis, the Harlem Renaissance and the oppressive Jim Crow era, Watch as Matty navigates her vessel through a dangerous world filled with evil villains, heroic feats, alien oddities and down home adventure.

matty's rocket

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