bmw 4 interior

The New 2014 BMW (@BMWUSA) 4 SERIES Would Be A Nice Wip To Spit In

bmw 4 interior
So the folks at BMW decided to retire the infamous, legendary 3 series and finally make a 4 series wip! It’s pretty wack that they deaded the 3 but the 4 is a nice upgrade so it softens the blow 4sho! The new 2014 BMX 4 series is a sportier looking, bigger and better handling upgrade from the 3 Series but it’s still smaller than the 6 Series. The 4 also comes with a 306 hp twin-turbo six-cylinder engine and six-speed manual gearbox in the 435i version. BMW also made it available in four-cylinder diesel and gas variations with an optional eight-speed automatic for all ya’ll chill folk lol. Now you know I’m always looking for new wips to film episodes of Spittin In Da Wip in, don’t be surprised if you see us in one of these puppies in the future!
bmw 4 series

bmw 4 series grill

bmw 4 series interior 2

bmw 4 series rear seats

bmw 4 series rear

bmw 4 series glam shot

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