washington heights skatepark

Washington Heights Is Getting The Biggest Concrete Skatepark In NYC!

washington heights skatepark
As New York is slowing becoming a mecca for skateboarding and BMXing, Washington Heights will be getting its first modern skate park coming this fall and it’s currently under construction beneath the Hamilton Bridge in Highbridge Park! Not only is it gonna be the biggest skatepark in the city, it’s also gonna have lights for some night time shredding!! I just found out about this yesterday and got really excited about the news then I thought about how Chelsea concrete skatepark doesn’t allow BMXers and got sad. I spoke to my boy Tah Boogie and he said it’s gonna be open for everyone BMXers included so I got kinda happy again. Proof is in the pudding so I’m waiting to hear the official word about BMXers being allow in the park once it’s finished.
The park was designed by Steve Rodriguez, New York’s skateboarding king and founder of skateshop 5boro, I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done!

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