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Play Your Iphone Like A Real Virtual Guitar With ARTIPHON INSTRUMENT 1

In the list of cool technology that’s come out in music production recently, this new guitar shaped instrument called the Artiphon Instrument 1 for your Iphone has got to be the coolest!!! It extends the musical possibilities of iOS devices to whole new level and it looks great…

With an ergonomic body crafted from heirloom-quality hardwoods, this hybrid species of instrument offers musicians a force-sensitive interface, robust connectivity, and exceptional sound quality. Whether playing at home, in the studio, on the road, or on stage, Artiphon presents a dynamically new way to touch sound. ~Artiphon

This amazing piece of equipment may look like a cool electric guitar base for an Iphone but it’s a lot more than that…

The Artiphon is a six-string, six-fret virtual fingerboard for your left hand and a velocity-sensitive strum section for your right. High-fidelity stereo speakers, 30-watt amplifier, and lithium-ion battery are onboard. An iPhone or iPod Touch docks in the heart of the instrument, providing easy access to synthesizer, studio, and configuration apps.~Artiphon

Now as much as I’m anti Apple, This cool instrument makes me wanna go and get a Iphone to see what I can create….unless of course they make one that a galaxy S3 can fit in 😉
Check out the demo video below….it’s so dope!

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