kungfu scratch

HipHop, Manga, Martial Arts Comic Kung Fu Skratch By Adrian Engmann

kungfu scratch
With the success of Adrian Engmann’s Kickstarter for his HipHop, Manga, Martial Arts comic Kung Fu Skrach volume#1, he’s back at it again with a new kickstarter for vol #2. I’m diggin the Kung Fu Skratch story peep the official description below:

KI-YAA! School is a battlefield where only the strong survive! In the American town of Brickhaven, there were six high schools each represented by their most strongest. Knowing individually each was powerful but united that they would be unstoppable kings joined to form the 6IX KROWNZ! Tragically, absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Krownz would turn against each other, fomenting a battle that would become the SIX SCHOOL WAR! Friendships shattered, bonds broken, lovers turned enemies – – the War left only two schools in it’s wake: The Crestmire Academy, the elite private prep school; and Brickhaven High, the last remaining public high school in town.

Now a year later, fifteen year old Jason Stonewall and his father, Raymond Stonewall return to Brickhaven after a yearlong training sojourn overseas in the East. Now the young martial arts prodigy must deal with his first day of high school as a freshman. Awaiting him are b-boy bullies, girls, Brickhaven High’s most notorious gang, the SHO’GUNNZ and their menacing leader (and former 6ix Krown), the Bancho Gangsta – – FA’SHO!

Now the young martial artist is stuck between a rock and a hard place as he runs afoul a enemy who won’t stop until he’s ground into dust and the madness of a war between two rival high schools! It’s okay though, when there’s a wall in Jason’s path he’ll do what he does best – – knock that sucker down with STY-LO!

Below is Adrian’s Kickstarter video:

To find out more about this comic and how you can support Adrian on getting volume #2 out, visit his Kickstarter page HERE
This was spotted on GhettoManga.com

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