Mayer Hawthorne (@MayerHawthorne) – Her Favorite Song – Has That 80’s R&B Vibe To It!


This new Oliver Remix of Mayer Hawthorne‘s single “Her Favorite Song” has all the makings of the classic R&B/Dance tracks from the 80’s. It’s got that legendary Yamaha DX-7 bass line that would make a group like The System proud, dope drums and those classic percussion that legends like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis us to use a a ton of their tracks, a great string set for the chorus and Mayer Hawthorne singing like he came straight out of the UK via an 80’s time machine. Some of ya’ll may know what I’m talking about but for those who don’t just know that I really like this joint especially because it takes me back to a time that is very dear to my heart. Salute to Mayer Hawthorne for making this song and Oliver for the supa dope remix!

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