melanie fiona cold piece

Melanie Fiona (@Melanie Fiona) – Cold Piece – Dope HipHop #R&B

melanie fiona cold piece

Melanie Fiona dropped a dope new R&B single called “Cold Piece” and I’m diggin it! I love the beat produced by Alan Nglish, the drum pattern has HipHop written all over it and I really like the music he crafted around it. The live guitar with a touch of WahWah, the piano, the changes and all that are all nice touches. The main part of the beat has this early 90’s/80’s vibe to it, then when it gets to the first part of the change it reminds me of that classic HipHop R&B style change from the 90’s but the second half of the change has that dope Lauren Hill flavor to it. And Melanie Fiona’s voice is the perfect final instrument to be added to this track, she sounds great on this joint! So there’s a lot of things going on that I like about this song, check it out and let me know what you think!

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