Waterproof Cycling Boot

45North (@45NRTH) FASTERKATT Waterproof Clipless Cycling Boot

Waterproof Cycling Boot
After a season of wet and muddy weekends at the races I thought I’d put all ya’ll clipped in BMXers on to this cool new clipless waterproof cycling boot called the Fasterkatt. The Fasterkatt waterproof boot is made by a company called 45North and it’s designed specifically for wet winter cycling! It’s pretty cool but I guess the only concern would be, How much does it weigh?
Peep the official description of the Fasterkatt below!

Designed specifically for wet winter cycling and cyclocross athletes, the Fasterkatt is the ultimate solution for water resistance, moisture regulation, and comfort in a performance cycling shoe. Constructed with a waterproof membrane and rubberized textile shell that extends above the ankle, the Fasterkatt delivers unrivaled weather protection in the wettest and muddiest of conditions. Our proprietary insole is built with arch support and uses heat-reflective aluminum with wool felt to keep feet warm. The Fasterkatt is also the first cycling shoe to use microglass rubber technology to enhance surface traction while walking or running on slippery surfaces. Say goodbye to shoe covers. Say hello to Fasterkatt.

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