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Beyoncé Biked Over the Brooklyn Bridge To Her Barclays Center Concert, Pretty Dope!

beyonce biked to barclays
Before her last concert at the Barclays Center #Beyonce hopped on her mountain bike from her Manhattan crib and rode it over the Brooklyn Bridge to her show. She took a few pictures of her rider and posted them on Instagram for proof, that’s wassup! There are 4 things that’s dope about this!
1. Bey was riding a MTB
2. She wasn’t on a dam Citibike
3. The Brooklyn Bridge isn’t the most fun bridge to ride over, it’s pretty bumpy
4. She’s humble enough to ride her bike to work which happened to be performing for 30,000+ people

Now that we know Bey is cyclist, we need a to get a BMX manufacturer to send her a cruiser, maybe she ride one and Instagram it! You never know!

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