eat me caveman chronicles

Farout & Matthew Sawicki (@matthewsawicki) – Eat Me, Caveman Chronicles – # HipHop

Farout & Matthew Sawicki just dropped a dope thought provoking banger with their new animated HipHop video “Eat Me, Caveman Chronicles”. The song and video tell the haunting tale of kid who grew up in this fast food society and how he can’t escape his addiction to fast food not to mention all the pressure he gets from his frenemies Buddy McDonald, The King and Ken-Taco-Hut. Great concept on joint and well written too. I really like the video which was animated by Tim Wertz, it goes with the song great. I’m a big fan of animated HipHop music videos and socially conscious HipHop, I can never get enough of it, Big up to farout & Mattew Sawicki for this! And stay way from fast food!!
eat me caveman chronicles

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