skullheads 3

Huck Gee (@huckgee) Skullheads Baseball & Boso #Toys

skullheads 3

Custom toy designer Huck Gee created two really dope post-apocalyptic characters called Skullheads. Boso and Baseball are their names and they all about

Fast cars, ugly bikes, skulls, spikes, mohawks and mayhem. Knives, guns, moonshine and a metal masked deity named Dog. No fucks given. The Skullheads.
Grunts. Ne’er-do-wells. Idle killers. Baseball & Boso

The pieces are limited to ten pieces each, their signed, numbered and hand-done customs plus they also come in laser engraved boxes That’s wassup! I really feeling the detail to their clothing, these piece look really dope!
skullheads 1

Skullheads 2

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