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Marvel Comics, Deadpool #13 Goes Retro And He’s Got A Afro

deadpool cover
So the writers of Marvel Comics Deadpool series have been been doing flashback stories set in past eras of the Marvel Universe. These so called lost issues are pretty much fun spoofs of an era where the creators reveal an untold tale of Deadpool. The idea behind these retro issues is that the creators can’t make their deadlines since their making “2 Issues a Month”, so they’re digging in the vault to find a good “inventory story” to meet the boss’s demands and hope these dated stories will work.
In issue #13 a fro’d out Deadpool is mixing it up with Power Man, Iron Fist, and he even has an encounter with The Baseball Furies(Warriors) and Aunt May(Spiderman), she gets him good too lol. From the few pages I read it’s pretty funny. Wish I had time to read the rest.
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