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Mikie Graham (@zombiemonkie) “Plastic Beach Gorillaz” for #Toy Art Gallery

Gorillaz-plastic beach 2
Toy Artist and huge Gorillaz fan Mikie Graham was invited to be a part of Super Cooper’s Birthday art show at Toy Art Gallery called “Music To My Ears“. So for the event he created this really dope toy rendition of the Gorillaz in their “Plastic Beach” style. The 4 custom figures represent the Gorillaz in their new modern persona’s: Captain Murdoc, Masked 2D, Giant Russel, and the Girl with the Butterfly mask (aka Noodle).
gorillaz-plastic beach
I’m loving the way these figures came out, Mikie transformed the now classic KidRobot Gorillaz figures and made them into a new masterpiece. Although these were made special for the “Music To My Ears” event Mikie might make a few more for ya’ll Gorillaz toy collectors!
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