number13 trailer still

Sci Fi Comic – Number 13 – Official Trailer IS SICK!

Where do I begin to talk about the level of dopeness that the trailer for the live action adaption of the comic “Number 13” is!?! I was completely blown away at the quality and style that director Steve Peterson put this trailer together. Big up to for spotting this one. Below is the official description of the trailer:

Based on the DARK HORSE comic. NUMBER 13, a young cybernetic amnesiac, wanders a postapocalyptic wasteland searching for a father he can’t remember. He possesses powers coveted by irrational, feuding factions of the future, and he quickly becomes entangled in their deadly struggle for world dominance!
Independent artists are taking the industry back! Artist Robert Love and writer David Walker who created the popular comic series NUMBER 13 (published through DARK HORSE) have teamed up with commercial director Steve Petersen to create the OFFICIAL TRAILER for their new project.

number 13 comic
Now this is just a “Proof Of Concept” trailer and their’s not movie or TV show in production for Number 13 but their needs to be ASAP! This is too good not to be developed into somthing BIG! Below is what the creator of Number 13 had to say via their Facebook page:

Just to be clear…Robert Love and David Walker, the creative team that brought you NUMBER 13, have entered into a partnership with a production company to develop a live-action version of the comic. The result of that deal is an amazing proof-of-concept trailer produced by Steve Petersen and Sean Owolo, that everyone hopes will lead to a production deal. At this point there is no film or television series. ~Number 13 facebook Page

number13 trailer still
Below is one of the pages from the Number 13 comic.
number 13 comic page

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