faraji heritage experiment

“Callin” By Hussein Ibn Faraji Is Such A Dope Instrumental

faraji heritage experiment

In my never ending search for dope music to post to SugarCayne.com I come across some really dope stuff that makes me just stop for a minuet and vibe out to it. This new instrumental by Hussein Ibn Faraji called “Callin” is the most recent song that came across that made me stop and vibe the hell out lol! This joint just makes me wanna get up and dance or go on a nice drive on a sunny day 4sho! I can hear this track being used for HipHop, R&B, Future soul, Dance etc, the lines between the genres are so blurred nowadays and I’m not mad at that. “Callin” is off of the Faraji Heritage Experiment A/R/T/ album. I’m gonna check it out right after I post this article, good music 4sho!

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