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Stand Out Indie Act Of @A3C Is Doorway (@whiteoutdoorway) (29 Photos)

doorway A3c

When we went to Little 5 Points  to go check out the Mass Appeal show at the Star Bar for the A3C HipHop Festival we saw this act performing in the parking lot behind the spot. They had this blacked out RV that was setup with a loud ass system and a window for the DJ and a booth with their merch setup next to their van and I was like” this is dope”! The name of the group is named Doorway and not only was I impressed by their presentation and setup I was equally impressed with their music and performance. Their music style wasn’t the Boom Bap HipHop that I love but it was still very good. If there’s one thing besides Ghostface show that I’ll always remember about A3C, it will be Doorway!

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