Play-i Bo Yana

Play-i (@playi) – Awesome Robots for Children to Program

You know I’m always looking for cool, interesting and unique things to post on and these new products called Bo & Yana by a company named Play-i is right up my alley! Play-i is a California based company that makes some awesome programmable robots for children. The company’s mission is to “make programming fun and accessible for children, especially those as young as 5 years old.”. They really want to give young children an engaging platform where they can experience the fun of programming at a young age and it’s a great way for children to do more constructive activities at home.
Play-i Bo Yana

According to, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million more computer science
jobs than there will be people to fill those jobs. And yet less than 2.4% of
graduates study computer science during college. Play-i aims to change that by
getting children interested in programming at a young age. Play-i robots are fun
and engaging, and make learning to program an enjoyable experience. Play-i
robots are affordable for every family — and just as much fun for parents as for
their children.

Play-i is creating a visual programming environment for its robots on touch
devices for kids, that meets children at their level of cognitive ability and motor
skills, starting as early as age five. Unlike other programming languages where
children are first taught the syntax, Play-i focuses on learning through
exploration, play and discovery.


I think this is a great development, I remember as a kid watching Star Wars and thought how cool it would be to have a R2-D2 robot, that’s actually a reality now. Crazy! And the Play-i robots are very affordable:

Play-i robots will be available in the Summer of 2014 and are priced at $149 and
$49 during the campaign, reduced from the $199 and $69 retail

For more info on Play-i CLICK HERE

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