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CuzOH Black (@CuzOHBlack) – Out To Win (Behind The Scenes)

Hempstead L.I. emcee CuzOH Black linked up with me to shoot the latest music video for his single “Out To Win”! While we were filming CuzOH’s boy KAP was documenting the behind the scenes footage. Stay tuned for the official video coming in the near future!
Below is the official description of “Out To Win(Behind The Scenes):

Go behind the scenes with CuzOH during the video shoot for “Out To Win” in Hempstead New York. Shot and directed by Crazy Al Cayne from, “out To Win” is the lead single from CuzOH’s upcoming EP “Cuz I Can” slated to drop December 2nd Via Ghetto & Blues Entertainment. Stay tuned!!

Check out more of CuzOH Black’s music on SOUNDCLOUD
crazy al cayne, cuzoh black

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