kulture Green brown

“Green Brown” By Shani Kulture (@ShaniKulture) Produced SugarCayne

kulture Green brown

“Green Brown” is a song created by Crazy Al Cayne and Shani Kulture back in early 2000. It’s a dope blend of HipHop with Reggae vibes. Green To Brown is the journey of birth to death and life’s transitions as time passes. This is the first time that we put out the song for everyone to hear!

“Green Brown” is the first song to be released of a series of songs that SugarCayne produced with various artist back in the day. The name of the series is called “Crew Classics” mostly because only SugarCayne and his crew have ever heard these songs lol. Stay tuned for more SugarCayne Crew Classic coming soon.

Shani Kulture is also the first emcee to appear on Spittin In Da Wip!!

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