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Comics: Heroes Haven By Mario Simone (@gothamfilms)

Marion Simone of Gotham City Films had a nice display setup at the New York Comic Con promoting his new comic book Heroes Haven. In this clip I had the opportunity to do a quick interview with him to find out what Heroes Haven is about, check it out!
heroes haven

Mario Simone, Crazy Al cayne

mario simone, crazyalcayne, heroes haven
Below is the official description of Heroes Haven:

Mario Simone presents Heroes Haven, the first issue in a series of 6, introducing us to a world of chaos and this epic power struggle between good and evil.

A new adventure unfolds as warring nations battle for global domination, the fight soon becomes apocalyptic and closer to end world destruction.

A DNA strand is discovered which can awaken a “super hero potential” in humans. This discovery leads the US government to finance a top secret facility called “Heroes Haven” where genius biotech scientists are working to create and test a new drug nicknamed “V-1” that will awaken and stabilize this superhero DNA Code.

V-1 begins to bear fruit and an epic battle begins to covet and reign over the one drug that can lead to a new world order.

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