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Kanye West Debuts “Train Wreck” um I mean “Bound 2” Video On Ellen

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As you already know Kanye has been all over the news since he linked up with Kim Kardashian(Google it).¬†He’s also been talking real reckless comparing himself to Michael Jackson of all people. You can tell he was definitely trying to be yet another artist to attempt to copy Michael’s moves. The visuals of “Bound 2” was reminiscent of when The King Of Pop did a video with The King If Rock N Rolls daughter… that was a train wreck too smh….but a waaaay better song.

Anyways Yay debut his latest video “Bound 2” on Ellen yesterday and the only reason why I’m posting it is because “Bound 2” is the closet thing to an “underground” HipHop song I’ve heard Kanye on in years plus the fact that all the curses were delete in Ellen’s clip, Not to mention it’ll be the only article most of ya’ll will click on on this site. Good Grief! Actually the wackest parts about the video is Kim K’s blonde hair(She looks way better as a brunette) and that awfully out of place hook. Now watch, rate and leave a comment.
kanye kim k bound 2

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