keithan jones comic

KEITHAN JONES New Comic Book company Kid Comics INC

keithan jones comic
California based illustrator Keithan Jones just made the announcement of his new comic book company called Kid Comics INC! He’ll be releasing a bunch of new properties through his comic brand and you can check out his Facebook Page to get a preview of some of the great stuff that’s to come! Below is the official announcement:

WELCOME COMIC BOOK READERS! My name is KEITHAN JONES and this is the debut of my new comic book company, KID Comics Inc.
KID is in it’s infancy, but over the coming new year we plan to do a whole lot of growing. As the wise man once said, “Baby steps young man, baby steps.” And so with that, we are hard at work on our first step, issue number one of our first book, “THE POWER KNIGHTS”! Set to premiere early 2014! Are you jumping out of your shorts? I know I am!
I want to thank you all for the support and words of encouragement concerning my art. Now is the time for me to take the next step. Stay tuned.

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