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No Malice (@NoMalice757) ft. Jon Bibbs – Bury That – Great Song

I don’t know what lead me to click on this new video “Bury That” by No Malice (Malice of The Clipes) featuring Jon Bibbs but I’m glad I did. I thought it was gonna be the same ole Clipes “I sell Drugs, I make drugs, I get Money, I got hoes etc” track but I was pleasantly surprised. But to keep it 100, the Clipes had some really dope joints though, they just didn’t have any depth. Anyways, HipHop/Rap is always better when the lyrics and delivery comes from the heart and even more so when they have meaning and purpose. From the sounds of “Bury That” and the lyrical content, it looks like No Malice has reached his crossroad and is taking a different path in his music…..for the better.. in my humble opinion. It’s called growth and a lot of rappers are scared to take that step in fear of losing their record sales or fan base. In “Bury That” No Malice is severing his ties to the promotion of negativity and materialistic nature that he was putting out with his music. He also talks about how he doesn’t want to loose another friend, family member etc to “The Game” whether that be in the streets or music….at least I think so 🙂   There’s so much more that can be said about this subject but know this…… from now on I’ll be checking out whatever No Malice puts out if this is his new direction. Salute!

no malice bury that

UPDATE: I did a little research and came to find out that Malice AKA No Malice did have a life change. According to an article in

Malice re-emerged on the music radar as a born again Christian changing his name to No Malice and releasing a memoir about his life entitled Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked that spoke candidly about his life dealing, the trappings of fame and rediscovering Jesus. And, in a stark departure from Clipse’s trademark sound, No Malice’s solo effort Hear Ye Him embraced classic gospel sensibilities as he switched up his knack for cocaine lyricism to spread stories of reformation.

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