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2013 Urban Action Showcase (@UrbanActionFest) Day 1 (294 Photos)

urban action showcase photo
I was very excited to attend the 1st annual Urban Action Showcase presented and by Demetrius Angelo of ASC Productions. The event was held at the Hilton Hotel on 6th Ave in Midtown and it was filled with some great vendors. A lot of my favorite comic book creators, writers, toys makers and artist were in the building as well as some legendary action movie stars! After that their was an awesome VIP mixer/red carpet/networking event and screening held at HBO. The vibe and energy of the event was great and there were a lot of major players in the Martial Arts, Movie, and Social Media industries. I want to congratulate Demetrius and La’Mard Wingster for putting on an amazing event, this is just the beginning and their off to an incredible start!! I have a photo gallery below of all of my pictures from Day1(Friday), check them out to see what you missed. Of course you know I took a bunch of “Look Away” pictures, he movement is growing lol! Now I’m about to head back and attend Day2 of the event! Stay tuned for more pictures and video from the 1st Annual Urban Action Showcase, coming soon!

About the UAS:

The Urban Action Showcase is a 3 day Independent Action Film Festival, Showcase, Action Script/Comic Book Competition, and Urban Action Expo premiering minority filmmakers specifically in the Action Film Genre. Action is the genre of choice of Fans and Studios alike when it comes to Summer Blockbusters not to mention 9 out of the top 10 highest grossing films to date all have Action at its core! The Danger, Thrill, and Excitement of the Action genre keeps us all at the edge of our seats from the small screen to the big screen and it would seem that the Action genre has it all accept for one very important factor, Diversity. Without equal opportunity and diversity any positive message can be misconstrued. By focusing on the thrill and excitement of the Action genre and recognizing the need for integration the Urban Action Showcase sets itself apart from other film festivals as the only one of its kind!

With the initiative of social responsibility and ethnic diversity, the Urban Action Showcase advocates minority actors, filmmakers, producers, and industry professionals of the Action film genre through workshops, panel discussion, screenings and events. Through strong networks and sponsorship support the Urban Action Showcase endeavors to encourage major studios to both include and pioneer more ethnically diverse casts and projects in the Action genre. The Urban Action Showcase will continue to grow both meeting and exceeding expectations with the help of our partnering sponsors and Indie Action fans across the nation. The Urban Action Showcase Indie Action Film Festival welcomes film and television Animation and Live Action Short and Feature narratives in various aspects of the Action genre.

The Urban Action Showcase is presented by Action Scene Combat (ASC) Productions a full service production company pioneering ethnically diverse works in the Action film genre founded in 2000 by Demetrius Angelo the creator of the Urban Action Showcase.

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