crans blue and green line
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The New Blue And Green Lines At Cranx Bike Park Are Awesome (66 photos)

crans blue and green line
I’ve been wanting to get back up to Cranx Bike Park for a long time. I really wanted to see and ride the new Blue and Green lines that they built this year and since the other day was my birthday, I decided to make the trip back to this awesome New York bike Mecca!! I took the trip with my boy DJ Thoro who just put together a dope Sunday 20″ with a dope rasta colorway. When we got to Cranx it seemed like I hopped on my bike and never go off lol! There was a great group of riders getting busy and having fun at the spot, there were so many spots to session, it was awesome. The new Green and blue lines were a lot of fun and technical, I was loving the berms, those things were fast! There were also some cool changes made in the open area where the quarter/wall ride is at. I was so caught up in riding that I almost didn’t take any pictures lol. I kept saying to myself “I need to get my camera…..I need to get my camera” but I wound up going around for more laps lol. I did get some pictures of the additions to the park and I’ll be posting a new video in a few days but I need to get back up there and do a official photo/video session. Check out the pictures below to see the new additions to the park.
You can check out my first Cranx Bike Park tour video HERE
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