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Fred “The Hammer” Williamson at The Urban Action Showcase

The amazing first annual Urban Action Showcase brought out some big legends in the urban action film genre! One of those legends that were at the event was ,actor/director and former professional defensive back and AFL All-Star Fred “The Hammer” Williamson! I had a chance to interview The Hammer before he was about to pack up for the day. In the interview we talked about the current projects he’s working on, the differences between Hollywood now as opposed to when he first started, the portrayal of African Americans in today’s movies and TV shows and a lot more. I thought it was really awesome that Fred Willamson took the time out to let me interview him, he was very very approachable, nice, funny and cool! The opportunity was truly an honor!
I’ve gone to tons of conventions with featured celebrities and it rare that you find celebrities that will do an interview on the spot without a bunch of silliness(Managers, Ego, Frontage, etc). So it was really refreshing to have an Iconic, trail blazer such as Fred “The Hammer” Williamson be so welcoming 🙂

fred williamson, crazy al cayne, look away

fred williamson, crazy al cayne, uas fred williamson, crazy al cayne

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