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“Old Skool” by Lisa Rae Hansen (@ibreaktoys) Is A Dope Designer Toy

UK designer toy maker Lisa Rae Hansen created this really dope figure called “Old Skool”. I’m loving the look of this piece with the red Addias hoodie and kicks! I also like the way the face is a TV screen and how the hoodie wraps around it. Lisa Rae made “Old Skool as a submission for the “Toyheist Show” @ The Concrete Gallery, in Amsterdam.

“The face shape immediately suggested a TV and the curve of the head a “hoodie”, so I rolled with that and went for a little nostalgic wander. The end result is character whose face is an old analogue TV screen. His body is suitably, non-digitally dressed, in classic retro Adidas (including the sneakers). I used the static on the screen to suggest the idea of his being stuck in a moment of time, jammed in a channel from a bygone era. He’s either waiting to be tuned back in or happy to be lost in a fuzzy place from the past.”~Lisa Rae Hansen

Really Cool!

-Spotted on ToysREvil

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