Ms Lauryn-Hill- consumerism
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MS. LAURYN HILL (@MsLaurynHill) – CONSUMERISM – Is Conscious HipHop On Steroids And We Love It

Yooooo Ms Lauryn Hill is on some next level with her new material and I absolutely love it! Her latest music video is actually a lyric video for her single “CONSUMERISM” and it hits you on the head with a zillion images along with text of Lauryn’s socially conscious lyrics. Ms. Lauryn Hill is playing no games in this joint with her bars, every line she says has purpose, the beat is amazing and I love how they flipped the hook with the singing.  This is HipHop to the next level!!  Now excuse me while I vibe out to this joint for the rest of the day! Salute Ms Lauyn Hill!

Directed by: Ms. Lauryn Hill + Jon Casey

Ms Lauryn-Hill- consumerism

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