The Urushi Bicycle Project

The Urushi Bicycle Project – VANHULSTEIJN X SOTHEBY’S

I love cycling, I love art and I love these bicycle build mini documentary’s! This unique mobile work of art designed by Dutch designer Herman Vanhusteijn looks amazing to me and to watch the process of how this bike was made really gave me a deeper appreciation for hand built bikes. Check out the official description below.

Dutch designer Herman Vanhusteijn was approached by prestigious auction house Sotheby’s to create an exclusive series of nine extraordinary bicycles, all covered in a dazzling coat of Japanese urushi lacquer and gold leaf. Each component of the bicycle is painstakingly hand crafted, following a distinguishing curved shape that Vanhulsteijn first designed for himself.
For this project, Vanhujsteijn called upon two Russian artisans who specialize in urushi, in which gold leaf is applied to achieve an effect which contrasts with the industrial style of the bike. Several layers of lacquer are then applied over the top to produce a unique pattern where the gold glows through, giving a feeling of depth to the finish.

I can only imagine what these bike must cost $$$$$$$ Whoa!
The Urushi Bicycle Project

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