ice cube goodyear blimp
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Ice Cube Finally Gets His Name On The Good Year Blimp

ice cube goodyear blimp
“Today Was A Good Day” indeed for HipHop Legend, Actor and Director Ice Cube! In one of the perfect examples of art imitating life or is that life imitating art, 20+ years after the release of “It Was A Good Day” Ice Cube finally got his name lit up on the Good Year Blimp! The tribute was in recognition of National Good Day Day, a Good Year blimp with the rapper and actor’s name flew over South Central, L.A. and I guess I’ll jump on the band wagon and say, No the Blimp didn’t flash the lyrics, “Ice Cube’s A Pimp” 😉 . The National Good Day Day project raised $25,000 for the nonprofit organization, A Place Called Home, it really was a good day! Salute to Ice cube!
ice cube goodyear blimp 2

Ice Cube Goodyear Blimp 3

Ice Cube Goodyear blimp 4

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