Mr. Skurge Missing in Action

Mr. Skurge (@djwaht) – Missing in Action – Animated HipHop Video

Chicago emcee Marcellous Lovelace AKA Infinito2017 dropped a new animated HipHop music video called Missing In Action produced by Efua Dalmar Nwugo. Check out the official description below!
Mr. Skurge Missing in Action

Missing In Action is a Cartoon Invasion: Than all of a sudden Mr. Skurge (@djwaht) came along and jacked one of Fray and Tay’s Beats from the Cartoon about Head Bop / Nod what have you and we turned into a cartoon.

Watch a silly American cartoon from the #raygun81 series following the life of characters “Fray and Tay” and all of their American Poverty friends doing nothing and not serving any purpose due to endless congress unemployment. Watch as nothing happens after years of trying, bad education and poor eating habits.
See the American Poverty stricken guys look for work, believe in nothing and don’t gain any money ever.

The video was animated and designed all by Marcellous Lovelace for Heart From Nubia.

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