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Tha Gecko Brothas (thageckobrothas) – La La La – #RealHipHop

My dude’s, #SpittinInDaWip alumni and #TeamEverythang members Tha Gecko Brothas just dropped their latest single called “La La La” for ya’ll real HipHop heads out there! “La La La” brings me back to a time when New York HipHop sounded like New York HipHop. Salute to Tha Gecko Brothas for keeping HipHop true! This smooth joint is also reminiscent of ATCQ’s classic “Relaxation”, one of my all time favorite HipHop joints of all time!
gecko brothas la la  la

“La La La” is the latest single from Tha Gecko Brothas. It is from their forthcoming album “We Are Tha Gecko Brothas” and has that authentic Hip Hop vibe you have been missing.
Tha Gecko Brothas – Making it okay to love Hip Hop again, one track at a time

~ Tha Gecko Brothas

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