skyway bmx plus crazy al cayne

Crazy Al Cayne Makes It To The Pages Of BMXPLUS Via Skyway

skyway bmx plus crazy al cayne
My boy Ant Dog called me while I was out last night to tell me that I was gonna be seen in an article about Skyway in the March issue BMXPlus Magazine! I was so amp’d to hear the news I couldn’t wait till the issue came out. When I got back home and got on Facebook I saw that Skyway already posted a preview of part of the article in their timeline….I was bouncing off the walls when saw that! The article was about Skyway’s 50 year anniversary and they used a photo of the 50th anniversary collectible Box featuring me and BMX legend Andy Patterson. Thanks to Skyway this is the first time I’ve made the pages of BMXplus, this is so cool, I can’t wait to get a few copies of this issue when this comes out!!!

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