bonobo antenna

Bonobo (@sibonobo) – Antenna – Amazing Electronic Tune

One of my favorite electronic producers in the game Bonobo has a Soundcloud page full of musical treats. One of the latest additions to the page is this amazing track called “Antenna” off his album “The North Borders”. Antenna is the perfect blend of House, HipHop and majestic sounds, that flute melody sounds so dope and it takes the beat to the next level for me. The reason why I say it has a HipHop in it is because you can easily slow this song down and flip the drums to a boom bap pattern, leave everything else the same and Bam!!!….You have one banging ass HipHop beat!! Now I came up in the era when this beat would be considered House Music. Electronic music is just another version of House or a re definition of it. Long story short this is House music in my eyes but above all that this is an amazing tune and I’ll be zoning out to it all day 4sho!! If you don’t already know about Bonobo you need to get familiar, his music is amazing and addictive.

bonobo antenna

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