ginger sugar cayne 5
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Toys: Ginger x Sugar Cayne 2.0 By Barratatouille

ginger sugar cayne 5
Another awesome custom toy by French illustratior/designer Philippe Barra AKA “Barratatouille“. This piece is called “Ginger x Sugar Cayne” and it’s a grown up version of the great Ginger x Al “Sugar Cayne” Micro Munny he made earlier this year. Philippe used the same colorway as the original which is also the colorway of our site. Philippe did an incredible job on this piece and I’m truly grateful that he made this awesome tribute to my website.
This is an exclusive one of a kind piece but maybe in the future we’ll be able to make a special limited run of this and the original Ginger Sugar Cayne Toy, Stay tuned!
ginger sugar cayne toy

I wanted to make a Ginger in connection with my illustration (Ginger 70’s). I found nice to do “for real (figurine)” … with as a visual tribute to Sugar Cayne as I do before. Which indirectly gave me the idea to do so. Thanks Al For that, I created a matrix that has allowed me to make a silicone mold. To perform the following resin Ginger! This will also allow me to explore other visual ideas later! Two are already in preparation! ~Philippe Barra

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ginger sugar cayne 4

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