rockburn trails

Having Fun At Rockburn Skills Trails (319 Photos)

rockburn trails
While I was down at the East Coast Nationals in Severn Maryland I was asking around to find out where the local trails were. My boys Dwaylon and Donathan told me about this local spot called Rockburn Skills Trails. It was about 10mins from Severn, they’re legal trails, it’s in a public park, they’re fun to ride and you can actually find exactly where the spot is on Google Maps lol! I went there with my dude Kevin Farrell and we had a ball riding the spot. We took a bunch of photos but we did a lot more riding than picture taking lol. All the locals at Rockburn were really cool and it was great riding with them. I also got to meet my Facebook friend Ryan Philips in person at the trails. He was rocking a dope all chrome Skyway T/A 24″, that was cool too! I’ll definitely be back to Rockburn Skills Trails during the next East Coast Nationals 4sho!

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