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Dj Leecy T Likes The Skyway T/A #HipHopAndBMX

Leecy T, Skyway TA
I brought my bike to the music video shoot shoot for DJ Leecy T and M-Tri. When we finished filming the video I took some photos of them chilling on my Skyway T/A! People always ask me “What’s the connection between HipHop and BMX?” well here’s a perfect example 🙂 Now I need to get Leecy On the BMX Challenge. Stay tuned for the “Trading Places” music video coming in August! And photos of my dudes M-Tri and K.Gains on my Skyway are coming soon!

DJ Leecy T, Skyway T/A 2

DJ Leecy T, Skyway T/A

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