Joseph St. Joe Paxton

Joseph St. Joe Paxton Is A Dope Comic Book Character

Joseph St. Joe Paxton
I came across this amazing illustration of a comic book character called Joseph “St.Joe” Paxton while browsing through the Graphics Illusions Comics Facebook page. The character is featured in the indie comic “Intrepid”. I was not only impressed by the illustration but also the story behind the character that creator Jose Loeri came up with. I had to share it with you:

Jose Loeri’s Thoughts on Creating Joseph “St. Joe” Paxton

“Joseph Paxton is the focal point of the first two story arcs of Intrepid’s first season. He is at the center of developments that will ultimately lead to the second heroic age of the Second Wave Universe. The exact role that Paxton will play in the second advent to heroes will play itself out over the course of the first 12 issues.

Prior to the events of issue #1, Paxton was the leader of the most prolific and efficient fugitive retrieval unit in Guardian history. As the leader of his unit, Paxton was more cerebral than emotional. That was important to me. I wanted someone who inspired confidence through his competence as a tactician, as opposed to a ‘rah-rah’ guy. I would cite Cyclops of the X-Men and Shikamaru of Naruto fame as influences for Paxton. Paxton’s true strength is in his ability to figure a way out of tough situations in the heat of combat. That ability will be put to the test in the coming issues of Intrepid.

Personality wise, Paxton could best be described as an All-American boy and an unrepentant do-gooder. Despite that, Paxton knows that there are certain unsavory things that have to be done to preserve the peace and the freedom that most people enjoy and he has done them in the name of the greater good. Through the Heroes and Villains story arc and beyond, we will see that his faith in the greater good has been shattered.

Simply put, in creating Paxton it was important to me that he not be the stereotypical angry young black man. He’s more complex than that. More than anything else he’s just frustrated. He is an uncomplicated man living in a complicated time. The key to his character will be how he plays with the hand that life has dealt him.” — Jose Loeri, Creator & Writer of Interpid

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