Toys: Travie McCoy x MINDstyle IKARU$ (@TravieMcCoy)

trave mccoy ikarus toy 1
Gym Class Heroes lead singer/emcee Travie McCoy is dropping a new designer toy in collaboration with Mindstyle called “Ikarus”! The toy will make it’s debut at the San Diego Comic Con and Travie will be at the event Friday and Saturday to sign his new toy.
Today I just found out that Travie originally focused on art, attending art school, working as a tattoo artist and later became a full-time painter prior Gym Class Heroes days. It’s cool to know he has roots in the art world.
The new toy reinterprets Icarus from Greek mythology, who perished as a result of flying too near to the sun, thus melting his wings. The 10” figure features the character’s iconic wings, wide eyes and a cool, trendy backpack. Ikaru$ is Limited to 500 pieces.

travie mccoy ikarus 2

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