5050 skatepark, ramps

5050 Skatepark How To Build a Quarter Pipe

Ed Pollio and his crew show us how they put together the new Red Bull quarterpipe at 5050 Skatepark! It’s not really a “how too” video, it’s more like a “watch how” video 😉 But it’s always cool to see new ramps getting put up.
5050 skatepark, ramps

Film and Edit by Ed Pollio
Song by Brother Ali – Breakin’ Dawn
About 5050 Skatepark:
5050 Skatepark is New York City’s only indoor Skatepark. 5050 is better known by its locals as a family friendly environment.
5050 was inspired by Benjamin Soto a BMXer who passed away in 2001.
His dream was to open an Indoor Skatepark in his hometown of Staten Island (NYC) United States.

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