ipswich trails (9)

BMX: Ipswich Trails, Chesapeake VA (70 Photos)

ipswich trails (9)
Before I took my long drive back to New York from Hampton Beach, VA I linked up with my dude Craig AKA “Wahoo” for a quick tour to some local riding spots. He took me to the infamous Ipswich trails in Chesapeake VA which are actually legit, legal trails built on state property! The trails are awesome and there’s something there for all skill levels to ride, they event have some pretty huge jumps there too but most of it was covered up because it was still wet. I hit the open section a few times and they were a lotta fun. When I head back down to Hampton for next years Sugar Cayne Bike Fest, I’ll be hitting this spot up again 4sho!


Richard K Carter says: All the actual work is done by a small crew of none city workers . The jumps are not really approved by the city . They just grandfathered a small section in originally . Also the city has been known to come through and tear them down also .

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