Radii Straight Jacket (3)

Radii, Straight Jacket VLC, Agenda Show NYC (@Radii_Footwear)

Radii Straight Jacket
I got a chance to kick it with Casey Arisohn of Radii Footwear (ray-dee-eye) about the company and it’s products. I was really feeling Radii’s Straight Jacket line of kicks. The different patterns on the Straight Jackets were really dope. I didn’t get a chance to do a video interview with Casey but I did get a few shots of the Straight Jacket’s. Stay tuned for more Radii footwear photos coming soon!

Radii Straight Jacket 2

Radii Straight Jacket (1)

Radii Straight Jacket (2)

Radii Straight Jacket (3)

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