ride the plank

Ride The Plank Highlights From Windham (@windhammountain)

While I was at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Windham Mountain, NY, the guys from Red Bull told me to come down and checkout the ‘Ride The Plank” challenge event they were doing at the pond by the parking area. The Ride The Plank challenge is a event where riders attempt to cross a pond on wooden planks supported only by inflatable tubes floating on water. The tricky part is the tubes move around while your trying to keep your balance, once you lose it it’s pretty much a wrap lol! It was fun to watch all the riders attempt to get across the pond and fall in lol. One rider got pretty far but no one made it. I got a few funny clips from the event.
Ride the plank (5)

Ride the plank (8)

Ride the plank (10)

Ride the plank (11)

Ride the plank (15)

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