Excess 351 Wheel Sets (@BMXRacingGroup)

We like the Excess BMX 351 complete wheel set! The 351 Rims were made custom by Sun Rims Exclusively for Excess. The wheels come in 5 different colorways but the red ones really stick out.

Features include:
5 Sizes offered : 20×1-1/8’’, 20×1- 3/8’’, 20×1.50, 20×1.75, 24×1.75
Custom 351 Rims made By Sun Rims Exclusively for Excess
20×1-1/8’’ & 20×1-3/8’’ come with lightweight alloy cassette driver include a 16 tooth Excess Rear Cog on 20×1.50’’ & 20×1.75’’, Alloy on 1-3/8’’ and 1-1/8’’
14G Stainless Steel Spokes with Alloy Nipples in colors
Excess Excel Hubs feature custom Hub cones & washers, Rear Cassette Hub features 4 Pawls & 96 Points of Engagement, Lightweight driver, & includes Excess 16 tooth Cog
Offered in 5 Colors : Black, Polish, White, Red, & Blue




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