madame twilight

Comic Book Character: Madame Twilight

madame twilight
Just spotted this awesome illustration on the Anigamicom Facbook page of a character called Madame Twilight. The character was created by Robert Garrett & Quinn McGowan for a series that’s coming out this summer. Quinn McGowan drew this amazing piece and it came out dope! I love the mixture of black and purple colors used in the image, good work 4sho!
About Madame Twilight:

What if you awakened and the secrets of life were placed before you?

What if you refuse to acknowledge, that you bear a terrible burden?

What If someone was destroying your city? If everything you ever believed about your life was revealed to be a lie?

TWILIGHT, set in a never-before-seen world, showcases a society on the brink of losing its soul to corruptness, seduced by the temptations of greed, crime and manipulators in the shadows. In the deadly City of Bridgetown the metropolis of the world, where they say hide in plain sight fallen angels, where predators can emerge from every shadowed alleyway, or inside the tallest building in the light of day. A solitary woman discovers that the City she’s fighting so hard to save is not the only thing out to kill her. When she begins to see and accomplish the impossible corpses rise up at every turn, and by embracing her heritage she’s put on the trail of an unexpected historical moment in time, revealing the truth, a discovery— that may change the world—forever.

Find out more info HERE

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