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Mega Ran & Storyville – React – (@megaran)

I’m loving this high energy single by Mega Ran and Storyville called “React”. It’s been a while since I’ve heard HipHop like this, it got me hyped! “React”is off the “Soul Veggies” album and if you didn’t know Mega Ran and Storyville are Soul Veggies 🙂 The video is nicely directed by Michael Cardoza.
mega ran soul veggies
About Soul Veggies & React:

The first single of the project, “React” is the Soul Veggies tribute to jazzy B-Boy anthems like “Don’t Sweat The Technique,” with a slick 2015 twist. The track is guaranteed to cause a raucous reaction from dive bars to festivals, with a taste of 1990’s hip-hop bravado (“This is creation, not Kreayshawn”) and the downright silliness (“I’m crazy in the cranium, maybe, I’m crackin’ up/Or maybe I got mania baby, I’m friggin nuts!”) that you’ve come to expect from the duo of Ran and Story.

“I pictured b-boys popping and locking to this in outer space; doing the most outlandish moves” says Ran. “I always think it’s important near the beginning of a new project to let people know that despite the changes, nothing has changed.” Story adds. This is what “Soul Veggies” is: two guys who know their roots, but aren’t afraid to turn the heat up and take it to another level. React. Move, don’t hold back the motion.

(c) 2015 Brick Records


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