Victor Dandridge.

Vantage: Inhouse Productions, Pixel Art

Victor Dandridge owner of Ohio based Vantage:Inhouse Productions publishing company had a booth setup at the 2014 New York Comic Con with his amazing 8-bit pixel art. In the interview Victor talks about his 8-bit art which features popular superheroes, television icons, celebrities and more all re-imagined as 8-bit characters. He also talks about the work that goes into creating these cool art pieces.
Victor Dandridge.
For those of you that are too young and “Advanced” to know, 8-bit is a term used to describe the images used in the video games of the 1980’s. The early Nintendo Entertainment System made 8-bit video games widely popular with games like Excite-Bike, Mario Bros, Mega Man, and Donkey Kong to name a few.

Victor is an independent publisher, artist, educator and life-long comics fan. His 8-bit art was initially a way to stand out stylistically at comic conventions and he has gone on to create
hundreds of awesome individual works. I was definitely curious to see what was going on when I stopped by his booth.

You can find out more about Victor and is Vantage:Inhouse Productions HERE

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