Verde 2015_vex_gold

Verde 2015 Vex BMX Complete (@verdebmx)

Verde 2015_vex_gold
The matte gold colorway on the 2015 Verde Vex complete is real fresh! I like good looking bikes not only in geometry but definitely stylistically too. I never really cared for the “all black”, “no decal” stronghold on BMX so I’m really diggin all the colorways that are coming out on the new bikes. Oh and did I mention that this bike also comes in the really cool Matte Moss green colorway?
verde 2015_vex_moss_green
Yessir I like em both! Now at this point in the article I would have given you a breakdown of the stats on the bike but the good folks at Verde made a cool bike check promo video for the Vex…check it out!

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