C2H4 2015 Fall/Winter Hats, Agenda NYC (@c2h4_la)

c2H4 was in full effect at The Agenda Show NYC with their booth with a lot of new 2015 apparel on display. I was really feeling their Hats especially the black mesh one. C2H4 LA owner YIXI Chen did a quick video interview with me and told me a little bit about the hats on display.
About C2H4:

Founded in 2014, C2H4 is at the forefront of a new movement that at once embraces modern youth culture, and the timeless appeal of high quality product mixed with simple form. The founders of C2H4 treat the brand not only as a clothing line, but as an aesthetic and a way of living.

With quality always proceeding quantity, the brand continues to gain inspiration from American west and east coast cultures, while bringing those cultures together with the growing Chinese street culture. C2H4 is going forward methodically with their valued customers held at the highest regard. Present the highest quality with the most customer-friendly price is our motto.

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